Clubs and Activities

There are a wide range of clubs and activities on offer throughout the week for pupils to get involved in.



After School


Brass Band in Music Department

Beginner Ukelele Club in Music Department

Police & Communities Drop In

Year 11 Drama Catch Up

Year 11 ICT Catch Up


Ukelele Club in Music Department

Coding Club in V1

Credit Union outside Drama Studio

Key Stage 3 Maths Club

B# Choir in the school hall

Year 11 French

Year 11 Additional Mathematics


CICS in RS Department

Chamber Choir in Music Department

Senior Strings group in Music Department


Credit Union outside Drama Studio

Youth Service Rolling Zone bus in yard

Languages Club

School Orchestra in Music Department

Year 11 German


Environment Club

Band Rehearsals in Music Department

RS Media/Film Club



Make sure you also check out the Sports Activities on during the week and the 5x60 board in the PE Department. 

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