School Transport

Pupils who live in Neath Port Talbot but reside more than 3 miles away from the school may be entitled to Free School Transport. Further details are available on the Neath Port Talbot website

Timetables for all the services operated to and from the school are shown below.

South Wales Transport Neath

South Wales Transport Neath provide the following services to the school. They may be contacted on 01792 799575. 

Bluebird Coaches

Bluebird Coaches provide the services below. They may be contacted on 01639 643849.

Watkins Travel

Watkins Travel provide our 905 service, from Ystalyfera (Bottom Road) to Cwmtawe.

Outside Catchment Area

If you live in City & County of Swansea, unfortunately you will not be entitled to free transport to the school. However, we have negotiated tailored routes to the school with South Wales Transport Neath.

Timetables for these services are shown below.

Pupil Behaviour

All pupils are expected to adhere to the Travel Code and behave appropriately on home to school transport. Our expectations are outlined in the Pupil Planner. Pupils who continually break the rules or engage in dangerous behaviour will be asked to make alternative transport arrangements.


If you have a complaint regarding school transport, please speak to Mrs. D. Jenkins at the school in the first instance. 

School Transport

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