Bullying may be defined as persistent and sustained abuse and can take many forms. Cwmtawe is determined to ensure the school is a happy and caring place and is fully committed to eradicating bullying of all forms.

We take many steps to discourage bullying behaviour on a daily basis. The topic is explored in depth as part of our PSHE programme and through regular school assemblies.

In addition,

  1. There is strict demarcation of yard space which separates Years 7 and 8 from Years 9, 10 and 11;

  2. A high staff presence throughout the school interior and exterior during non-teaching time;

  3. The school rule that almost all pupils remain on site reduces the risk of bullying;

  4. The wide variety of lunchtime activities on offer and the availability of a supervised library area affords pupils the opportunity to participate in the life of the school and also to be in contact with caring adults;

  5. The presence of Year 10 Peer Mentors and Year 11 Prefects on duty at lunch time, break time and lesson change over for younger pupils to approach;

  6. The pastoral programme plays an important role, not only in explicitly focusing on the problem of bullying, but also implicitly through building skills and attitudes which encourage positive behaviour and develop regard for the personal integrity of individuals.

  7. Bullying, where it exists, often persists due to a reluctance on the part of victims and others to communicate the problem to those who are in a position to help solve the problem. Much is done through the efforts of all who work at Cwmtawe to create an open atmosphere where pupils have confidence in the adults and older pupils they work alongside. There is a high priority placed on creating the kind of ethos and environment where not only is it ‘O.K. to tell’ but where pupils will be confident that their concerns will receive a sympathetic response.

Whilst we can take steps to control bullying in school, we also recognise that mobile phones and social media can make it difficult for pupils to escape the abuse. We actively encourage all parents/carers to educate children at home about the effects of social networking and appropriate use of electronic media.

For more information on bullying, please read our Anti-Bullying Policy.

If you think your son/daughter is being bullied, please tell us immediately by speaking with your son/daughter’s Head of Year.


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