All pupils have access to comprehensive careers advice and guidance. However, at certain key points, our Careers Officer visits school assemblies and parents’ evenings to further support pupils in making important life choices.

In Year 9, as pupils approach their GCSE option choices, the Careers Officer attends options launch events and visits registration classes. Pupils are able to make an appointment for a one-to-one interview if required, and may even bring their parents/carers along.

During Year 10, pupils are involved in taster and transition events with most of the post-16 colleges in the area. They also have the opportunity of attending a careers fayre, work experience and have access to a work related education week. Our main post-16 providers also attend our Parents' Evenings to offer support.

Throughout Year 11, the Careers Officer meets with pupils to provide advice, support and guidance on future choices at post-16 and beyond. Year 11 pupils receive presentations from colleges and sixth form providers and interviews to ensure they are selecting appropriate courses.

For more information on careers, visit the Careers Wales website.


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