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Pupils across Wales are experiencing a new dimension in the way sport and physical activity are delivered in secondary schools. 5x60 is changing the face of provision of sport in schools and transforming playing fields and sports halls into hubs of bustling activity from daybreak to nightfall.

5x60 Aims

Through its 'Climbing Higher' vision, the Welsh Government has laid down the fitness gauntlet by setting the target of seeing 90% of children taking part in regular and frequent activity by 2020. 5x60 is rising to the challenge by helping to create the environment necessary for children to take part in extra curricular sport and physical activity on a regular basis.

The Activities

Armed with a blank sheet of paper and a whole host of ideas, 5X60 officers speak to pupils before deciding on a programme of activities. That way, the pupils get a say in what they would like to do, whether it's dodgeball, table tennis, netball or other activities. There are many activities to choose from to suit everyone. You might decide to get some fresh air and head for the great outdoors, try mountain biking, walking and surfing, or you can stick to team sports such as football, cricket and netball.

5x60 provides schools with the opportunity to:


By getting involved in the 5x60 programme, young people will:


Get involved now. The latest timetable is available online, or for further information, contact our 5x60 officer Carwyn Evans (c.evans10@npt.gov.uk).


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